Snowmen at SM City Sta. Mesa

SM City Sta. Mesa

    Christmas is a very special occasion for both kids and adults alike. The true meaning of Christmas was depicted about 2000 years ago with the birth of Christ. It means family, friendship, simplicity, happiness and love. A time where family and friends reunites together even in the simplest way that brings happiness and love.

SM City Sta. Mesa makes this Christmas Season more magical with the delightful display of the Christmas Snowmen that will surely bring you that white Christmas experience. These man-like sculptures made of snow considered as symbols for Christmas were assumed to have originated in Europe back when snowman building activity during the Middle Ages, showed records that Europeans loved to build snowmen along the streets after the first snow. However, the biggest snowman standing 122ft tall was created in Bethel, Maine, USA in 2008 and was named in honor of Olympia Snowe, a US Senator representing Maine. Snowman is essentially balls of tightly packed snowflakes, and snowflakes contain 20% of water and 80% air. Therefore, we can say that snowman is primarily made of air.

Experience the Magic of Christmas in SM City Sta Mesa! Catch these icy Snowmen and come share the Christmas chills of excitement with us ;)