10 Adorable Moments that Brighten Up a #MerrySMChristmas

Although this season is about to come to an end, we cannot help but share the most rewarding moments seen on the faces of children from all around our malls. 

For us, this is what Christmas is all about. 

Here's our top picks for the year:

10. This Kid Becoming Best Friends with Disney's Beautiful Belle

9. This Dad Carefully Lets His Son Touch the Giant Teddy! 

 8. Oh look, an angel straight from heaven! 

 7. "Hmm... I wonder where those 7 dwarfs went..." So cute!

6. This girl just can't contain her joy being hugged by a princess! 

 5. To brighten a room, sometimes you just have to add a little confetti...
 4. and MORE confetti!

5. Lookout! It's the biggest dwarf ever! 

 4. More confetti parties! Yay!

 3. When all she needs is a nice, warm, bear hug.

2. That moment when the dad is more excited than his kid.  

1. And of course, the happiest one will always stand-out.

What's your best Christmas moment in SM Supermalls? Do share and tag us using #MerrySMChristmas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.