2011 SM ChriSMs Christmas Bop (video, lyrics and mp3 download)

Here's the 2011 SM ChriSMs Christmas Bop

11 year old Maria Aragon was chosen as the Voice of SM Christmas and now she performed the SM Supermall's official holiday tune for 2011 version of the SM ChriSMs Christmas Bop, in this blog post we posted the short music video and we also added a free mp3 download of the full song and the short music video.

You can play this at home for your Christmas celebration and you can add it as your ring tone for your smart phones and play it back in your mobile devices.

Merry ChriSMs!!

(turn off or press STOP of the background music video playing in this blog if you're going to watch this video online, or visit this video page in YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gU3S8t7cUeo OR close this blog to play it without any audio overlapping)

Download the music video here

Download the Mp3 music here

Below is the lyrics of the song

The Christmas ChriSMs Bop

Let’s have happy times, good cheers are here
let’s have some greetin’ and kissin’ my dear
Let’s have the Christmas ChriSMs all
Shoppin’, shoppin’,shoppin’ at SM Malls

Santa Clausin’ , reindeer and sleighin’
Mistletoin’ and tableau playin’
All that Christmas ChriSMs we do
Shoppin’, shoppin’, shoppin’ me and you

All you kiddies both naughty and nice
Playin’,gamin’, zillion surprise!
Toys, and candies and ChriSMs for you
Shoppin’, shoppin’, shoppin, all fun and new!

Gifts are here, gifts are there
One giant spirit everywhere
Christmas ChriSMs, great, big fun
SM Supermallin’ and we’re not done

Skatin’, snowin’, movie screenin’
Wrappin’, rollin’, feastin’, rushin’
Christmas ChriSMs sight and sound
SM Supermallin', round and round

Gifts are here, gifts are there
Great big lovin’ everywhere
Christmas ChriSMs, here to stay
Shoppin’, shoppin ‘, shoppin’ SM Supermallin’…

Merry Christmas ChriSMs all the way!