Altar of the Holy Family at SM City Tarlac

Altar of the Holy Family at 
SM City Tarlac 

      The altar is one of the sacred objects inside a place of worship. To Catholics, it is where the Eucharist is performed to give thanks to the Almighty. And inside a home of every believer of the same faith, there is a special place for holy images to serve as a constant reminder to pray. In both areas, the images could be holy patrons that are revered as consecrated guardians.
One of these patrons who most Filipinos pay homage to is the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary & Joseph.  Like the Holy Family, most Filipinos have close family ties and we do everything to keep everyone together through thick and thin. That is why many are giving devotion to the examples of the Holy Family , which is annually remembered during the scene of the Nativity every Christmas. Virtues like steadfastness, faithfulness, and forbearance are epitomized in the Holy Family’s story.
     In this light, this year’s belen set-up of SM City Tarlac for the Belenismo sa Tarlac 2012 is entitled the “Altar of the Holy Family”, giving utmost respect to the persona of the images: Father, Mother & child. But above all, SM City Tarlac would like to emphasize through its belen concept that simplicity gives rise to the sacredness & unity of the Holy Family – traditional values which each Filipino family should emulate.

    The SM belen images are made from acrylic coated sculptured polyurethane and resin fiberglass materials. The gazebo is a finished gold metal fabrication with European style design and intricate embossed patterns, with effects of LED curtain lightings, spot and flood lights. The set-up is well secured and can withstand all-weather changes to last the duration of more than two month long of display. True to the humble charisma of the “Holy Family” the set-up looks elegant in its simplicity yet laboured painstakingly to the details which took more than a month to fabricate and more than twenty persons to install it on-site.  

       Like the three wise men who followed the guiding star that led them to the manger, may the real spirit of Christmas continue to dwell in everybody’s heart through the celebration of Belenismo sa Tarlac.