A Magical Kingdom of Christmas at SM City Fairview

 The SM City Fairview Christmas Launch
November 12, 2011/6 pm

Once upon a time, in a land of ice and snow, there was a magical kingdom protected by a beautiful fairy queen. She was a kind and fair ruler who loved her people and did everything she could to keep them safe and happy. Everyone lived in harmony with each other – even the animals. It was a hidden paradise filled with magic and fantasy.

Fearless wolves guard the gates to this kingdom. Pegasus, the winged horse, patrols from the skies while silent reindeers watch over the land and the forest.

Travelers say that they have seen the shining towers of the castle twinkling from afar. Sometimes when the wind blew over the mountains, they say you can hear the haunting strains of song and fairy music. To keep her kingdom safe, the fairy queen cast a spell on the castle and the entire land. It’s a powerful spell to test anyone who wishes to enter the Magical Kingdom. As the legend goes, to enter this magical land one must pass three magical tests

First, only someone with a good heart will be allowed past the wolves and the enchanted gate.

Second, only someone brave can cross the enchanted ravine towards the fairy castle.

And the third test is that hardest of them all. Once you enter the enchanted castle, the fairy queen will only reveal herself to someone with the true Christmas spirit.

Come and see the Magical Kingdom of Christmas. Maybe you will be the one to see the fairy queen!