It's Christmas! A Christmas ChriSMs Musical!

Our story is about a Christmas rush at the mall. A little girl is tagging along with her mother, shopping for presents.  Tired of all the walking, she stops to rest at a bench and falls asleep.  When she wakes up, the mall is silent and empty.  She begins to panic and then cry.  She does not notice that a store mannequin in a nearby shop has moved out of his place and is watching her curiously.  When he speaks to her, she is startled and a little frightened at first until she realizes he is friendly and would like to help her pass the time until daylight comes and the mall opens again.  Together with her new friend, the little girl goes on an adventure through the mall.

“It’s Christmas the Musical” is a special Christmas ChriSMs Musical presented by Theater Down South and SM Supermalls!  Catch the shows at these dates and malls!

Merry ChriSMs and see you there! 

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