SM Supermalls gives this year's Christmas a twist as it launches its very first SM Christmas jingle. Aptly dubbed "Christmas ChriSMs - it boasts of a blast of multi-layered blending with a fun beat, translated to a fast-paced animated shortfilm, ChriSMs express the fabulous, dizzying Christmas frenzy of SM Supermalls.

So sing-a-long with us as we wish each of you, Merry ChrsSMs!!! May the spirit last the whole year through, the next year through and may the cycle never end!

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The Christmas ChriSMs Bop 

Let’s have happy times, good cheers are here
let’s have some greetin’ and kissin’ my dear
Let’s have the Christmas ChriSMs all
Shoppin’, shoppin’,shoppin’ and have a ball

Santa Clausin’ , reindeer and sleighin’
Mistletoin’ and tableau playin’
All that Christmas ChriSMs we do
Shoppin’, shoppin’, shoppin’ me and you

All you kiddies both naughty and nice
Playin’,gamin’, zillion surprise!
Toys, candies and ChriSMs for you
Shoppin’, shoppin’, shoppin, fun and new!

Gifts are here, gifts are there
One giant spirit everywhere
Christmas ChriSMs, great, big fun
SM Supermallin’ and we’re not done

Skatin’, snowin’, movie screenin’
Wrappin’, rollin’, feastin’, rushin’
Christmas ChriSMs the sight and sound
Shoppin’, shoppin’, shoppin’, round and round

Gifts are here, gifts are there
Great big lovin’ everywhere
Christmas ChriSMs, here to stay
Shoppin’, shoppin ‘, shoppin’ SM Supermallin’…

Merry Christmas ChriSMs all the way!