The SM Grand Belen Set-up

This November 5, 2010, SM will unveil its entry for this year’s Belenismo sa Tarlac as it celebrates its first Christmas here in Tarlac.

SM Tarlac’s entry will surely be one of the most anticipated for it will be a cut above the rest of the competition. The entire structure of the Belen’s dome is supported by a metal frame covered with screen mesh and finished with glitters. The main dome will rest above a solid base and will be 20ft high, 6ft in depth and a width of 23ft that will house the massive characters of the Belen.

Mounted on the mouth of the vast dome is an arch decked out with numerous LED Lights that will light up above from the location of the Belen, on top of the main covered walk.

The familiar characters will be more than life size and are created from tinted fiber glass and their dimensions are as follows:

King 1: 7’ 1 3/8” x 7’ 5 ½”
Virgin Mary: 10’3 15/16” x 4’ 4 ½”
Baby Jesus: 5’91/2” x 5’4 11/16”
Joseph: 11’ 2 1/16” x 4’ 3 1/16”
King 2: 5’4 5/16” x 10’ 1 ¾”
King 3: 8’6 11/15” x 4’ 1 1/18”

The Three Kings’ arms will simultaneously move back and forth while their hands are moving up and down. At the same time, the images of Mary, Jesus and Joseph will stand still while their halo lights up with the use of LED lights.

To top it all off, SM Tarlac’ entry has an enormous star that will symbolize the North Star that guided the Three Kings. The star will be made from metal sheets mounted on a round metal framing, decorated with a gold lacquered finish then topped with gold glitters and warm LED lights.

Surely, the SM Grand Belen Set-up will be a spectacular sight this Christmas season in the whole province of Tarlac for the Belenismo sa Tarlac 2010.

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